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Maitland, Florida

"We Care and You Matter"

-Dr. Rishi Sharma

My name is Dr. Rishi Sharma, MD

As the founder and medical director of AmzWellCloud in Maitland, FL, I help patients achieve their health goals for lifelong wellbeing. Our healthcare company is dedicated to providing personalized care and support to all, prioritizing the patient's unique needs above all else. At AmzWellCloud, we don't just care - we prioritize your health because you matter to us!


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We provide care to the Maitland and Orlando, FL area. AmzWellCloud is a healthcare company that has been assisting patients attain their health goals for longevity. AmzWellCloud offers an array of medical services from Pediatrics to geriatrics, including all acute to chronic conditions, we also provide esthetics services, nutritional supplements and medical research.

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